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Power Plus International can replace any of your tank heating coils, thermal fluid heating coils, asphalt heating coils, heat transfer system coils, hot oil heating coils, tank heating coils, process heating coils, gas fired thermal heating coils, etc. We can engineer, design, size and manufacture your replacement coils out of 24 different types of metals and alloys. Our shop carries the AMSE "U", "UM", "R" and NB certification stamps. We are a ASME Code Section VIII, Division 1 shop with the engineering and manufacturing capabilities to produce any type and size coil that you may need. Since 1983 we have built a strong reputation for providing high quality products at competitive pricing for a wide range of industries.

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  R  E  P  L  A  C  E  M  E  N  T      C  O  I  L  S
Tank Heating Coils - We can build any Replacement tank coils to your specific need. Special designed coils also available. We have an in house engineering and design team to manufacture or re-manufacture any style tank coil that you may have. Special coatings and testing available.
Asphalt Heating Coils - We know the demand that heating asphalt can require on your equipment and your coils. We manufacture replacement asphalt heating coils for any equipment made. Special bends and requirement are no problem. Special coatings and testing available for your replacement coils.
Thermal Fluid Heater Coils - Thermal fluid heaters provides applications for heat transfer using a liquid base media (Hot Oil) at a lower pressure and higher temperatures. If your unit has a single or double helical coil we can re-manufacture the unit at a much lower cost than factory replacement.
Heat Transfer System Coils - Coils used for removing heat from one structure to another through temperature and flow of heat in your system. We can replace HVAC coils and finned tube coils installed in your system. Available in different sizes and metals.
Hot Oil Heating Coils - Hot oil coils can be used in many different types of equipment. Generally used for but not limited to heating asphalt our coils are ASME certified and tested for quality assurance before leaving our shop. We have built a strong reputation for providing high quality products at competitive pricing.
Gas Fired Thermal Coils - Usually called a steam generator provides heat transfer using vapor phase media (Steam) for a quick response time. We can replace any helical coil designed into your system.
Process Heater Coils - Coils used in equipment for the heating of chemical process streams (gases, liquids, or solids). With over 24 different types of metals we can replace most any coil available in the industry today.


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